The Oregon beaches have been beautiful…BUT what has been absolutely appalling is the amount of trash and microplastics washing up on their gorgeous shores. We picked up this pile of trash on the beach you see in the background in the space of 15 minutes.

Coincidentally, I received a petition from Greenpeace today, calling out Coca-Cola and other large corporations that are contributing to this enormous plastic waste problem. Cleaning up beaches only goes so far if we continue to manufacture single-use plastic items that get tossed shortly after being used.

We try to do our part by cleaning up what we can but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Please sign and share the Greenpeace petition: to hold these huge (very profitable) companies accountable. In this age of advanced technology we need to have better solutions that don’t ruin our beautiful planet.  Once you fill out the petition, you can also help further by signing up to document your finds of your cleanup – what brands/companies represent most of the trash.  Reporting this to Greenpeace on an easy online form helps them to hold these companies accountable!

Gorgeous Oregon beach… but if you look close you see the plastic washing up on shore. ;-(

Kayak trip from river to mouth of ocean!